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Stress And Anxiety: Overcome Them With Yoga

You might have heard many people saying, I am stressed, or I am going through anxiety. If you have never gone through any, you might not relate with the mental and emotional pain people going through with them. People go through stress and anxiety from time to time. It’s not a disease you can overcome through pills and medications. It’s the reaction your brain and body start giving after going through some pressure or tension. Stress is not confined for mind though; even body parts get stressed out. One day at the gym, you pulled out leg muscle exercise more than your body could take, you start having stress contractions in leg muscle, and it starts straining. Stress can be generated in the human brain during any impromptu or scheduled event, the frustration and nervousness cause the most of it. Anxiety is usually a mixture of feelings like fear, worry, and uneasiness. It often occurs to people who lack the significance of events and things which stress them out in their lives.

Stress and anxiety though are considered to be wrong, and everyone wishes to overcome them, but there is a slight positive lookout too. They help you in overcoming your fears and challenges. If we do not feel scared of the tests and interviews, we would not have got the motivation to study hard for them because we know, If we do not consider we would either fail or be rejected. If these issues start reflecting your day to day life, then it might get a concerned point to take care of.

Stress and Anxiety have some symptoms, and if you find them happening with yourself, you might as well be suffering from anxiety or are stressed. The signs are; muscle tension, headache, sweating, stomach ache, fast heartbeat, dizziness, shaking, rapid breathing, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, fatigue, change in appetite and frequent urination.

How yoga can help you out with it;

Yoga helps us regulate breathe. As the breathing system is intimately connected with the nervous system, as we take deep breaths the oxygen intake tends to release hormones which take care of pressure handling. When you go through anxiety, we tend to take shallow breaths or even sometimes start holding your breaths. Yoga encourages few breathing techniques which help you to overcome the issue.


Yoga techniques help in interrupting stress cycles. As we step onto the yoga mat, the thoughts get diverted from a zone. A worry is encouraged by continuous thinking on the same problem and tangling yourself into your ideas. Yoga creates a diversion to all those thoughts and hence interrupt the stress cycle.

Yoga helps us to move away from our own created comfort zone. With all the postures and exercises yoga encourages we usually find ourselves in awkward positions when it comes to a pose or body language. This helps us to get used to the discomfort and leave the hands of the comfortable zone instead. This motivates you in the situations you usually used to get scared of and felt worried for stepping out of your comfort zone.